GUST, founded in 1964, is the oldest continually run student television station in the world. On this page we are hoping to build a history of the station over the last fifty years.

This is where we need you! Have you been involved with GUST? Do you know someone who has? We are looking to trace back each decade: To contribute, get in touch with Alicja at: [email protected]

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For GUST 50, we have begun collecting any and all records related to the history of GUST: NaSTA Awards, videos created, past controllers, memorabilia, photos, technical achievements, events, mentions in other media, and so on. Of course, such a project is bound to be incomplete, and we’d appreciate any help you may be able to give. Just leave a comment on any of the pages, or contact us by email with your suggestions and memories.


The History Records page allows you to filter by category and page through all records in a traditional format.

History Records List

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The History Graph page illustrates links between the records, and allows you to filter and search for content directly. This is a more fun and interactive way to explore the archives, but it does require a moderately current computer and web browser.

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