Campus Fax

Campus Fax

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A campus information service, displaying messages from students and adverts on the screens around campus. Active from xxx – xxx.

Apparently edited from a BBC Micro computer.

Yes, believe it or not, GUST used to use a BBC Micro to produce Campusfax. Back in those days, our multi-media information service looked rather more like Ceefax than it does now, but served its purpose very well. Occasionally, the old BBC gets a night out so we can play some of those classic games, such as Repton, but it mostly takes up space in a box under the desk.
GUST Equipment of Ages Past, as of 2008

It is unclear if (and where) the BBC Micro Model B still exists.

This was primarily the brainchild of Richard Alexander with a lot of creative input from Melville Martin. They sat in the living room of our Minerva Street flat, burning the midnight oil to produce not only a slick CEEFAX-style noticeboard (Does anyone still know what CEEFAX was?) but also to grab BBC pages off-air and integrate them, live, into their service.

Gerry Law