Freshers’ Address 2011

Freshers’ Address 2011

2011-09-13 Leave a comment

Speeches, videos, and chanting, so much chanting – the Freshers Address is the perfect welcome to Glasgow featuring the Principal, Rector and heads of the student bodies. It’s also the first taste of the pseudo pomp and circumstance you’ll come to love about studying at Glasgow Uni.

GUST broadcast the Freshers’ Address live from the Bute Hall yesterday. Thanks everyone for tuning in — if you didn’t, this is your chance to watch the full address again! We also premiered the GUST Freshers’ Guide 2011 at the Address.

The actual event starts at about 14:00 minutes in.

The Speeches

Click the timecode to jump into the video.

  • 16:20 James Harrison, SRC VP Learning & Development
  • 20:10 Anton Muscatelli, Principal
  • 28:30 University Chaplains
  • 40:05 Charles Kennedy, Rector
  • 53:10 James Harrison introduces the GUST Guide
  • 62:50 Chris Sibbald, GUU President
  • 70:00 Stuart Ritchie, SRC President
  • 78:40 Kirsty Hill, QMU President
  • 85:35 Leo Howes, GUSA President