Records are Hazy

Records are Hazy

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The 2008 GUST website had a timeline, where the founding of the station in 1964 was described as follows:

Records are hazy, and no footage seems to have survived the intervening years, but GUST was originally broadcast only at lunchtime on Friday, and the programmes were all live. GUST was shown on the University’s cable network (owned by and rented from a company called British Relay), which stretched to every building on campus, and many others as well, making it the biggest cable network in Europe at that time. The GUSTie Timeline, 2008 (Internet Archive)

During our recent research for the archive project, we have been told by current staff at the Media Production Unit (now managing the studio) that the Television Service began operating in 1963. The Glasgow University Guardian Archive puts this at 1965 in an article from 1968 about the opening of the studio facilities at Southpark House. The “Lunchtime Friday” show broadcast over the British Relay network was (still?) running throughout the 1970s, although from the records and oral accounts we have now it appears that it was pre-recorded on Thursday nights rather than broadcast live.

While Student Television at Glasgow before 1970 certainly did not use the GUST name, we assume that the date came about because then students got involved with helping out with the Television Service, were meeting to discuss and “appreciate” television in general. Therefore, this era still forms an important part of GUST’s history. It is unclear when it was decided that “GUST” was founded in 1964, but many generations of GUSTies have come and passed since this particular bit of the history entered into the GUSTies’ common knowledge.