RF Network Essay

RF Network Essay

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This document prepared by Gordon Roxburgh in 1993 describes the then state of the Glasgow University RF distribution network, which was used to broadcast GUST programming, live shows, and the Campus Fax service.

According to this, the network was first installed in 1983, but shortly after was abandoned by University funding committees. Throughout the 1992/93 session the network was renovated by Gordon and other GUSTies, re-enabling the Campus Fax service, and allowing GUST to broadcast its live shows on Fridays again, with a total of six functioning monitors around campus at the time of writing (May ’93).

At the time, there was only one ‘source’ located in Media Services (presumably within the Southpark House Studio), it was proposed to add the ability to add another source point in the GUST office (John McIntyre Building).

(full document not yet published)