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SAVI FEST in the Barrowlands was one of GUST’s biggest technical/live set up to date.

To complement the equipment owned by GUST, a talkback communications system, distribution amplifiers and many, many, BNC cables were hired in. Three vision mixers allowed us to use a total of 8 cameras. Two vision mixers and a few cameras and monitors were provided by GUST member Ryan Wells. Another two cameras, some tripods, and a small jib were brought in by ex-GUSTies now working as independent production company Production Attic.

The Barrowlands backstage area and main changing room became a production gallery and studio for interviews during the changeover times.

Sound for the event was produced by SAE students. Live Streaming was provided by Events Live, an external company. The audio stream from GUST, including live stage audio and the interviews conducted, was also broadcast simultaneously on Lanarkshire Community Radio.