Southpark Studio goes HD

Southpark Studio goes HD

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In 2014, Glasgow University Media Services finally got their grant to upgrade the Studio at Southpark House to a Full HD production environment.

Over the summer, the monitors and old racks, such as camera control units, various tape players, title generators, and so on, were all moved out of the gallery. Instead, an all-in-one Panasonic vision mixer was installed, which supports up to nine cameras. A large flat screen replaces the monitors, and can be configured to show various split-screen arrangements.

The cameras on the studio floor have also been replaced, with two HD cameras that can only be used with a vision mixer, and one that can additionally record to SD card at the same time. The original tripods, lighting rig, and talkback system, as well as the analogue audio mixer, are all retained.

Recording is now done to an Atomos Blade solid-state recorder, replacing the miniDV deck and mac-mini digital capture station used previously.