The Beer Bar Song

The Beer Bar Song

1976 4 Comments

GUSTies tell the story of the GUU’s infamous Beer Bar in song.

These comments left on an earlier version of the GUST website, when this piece was first put online, give some more context:

As far as I recall, this item ‘stars’ Alex Graham, now CEO of Wall To Wall Television, one of the UK’s leading independent production companies. This piece would have gone out around 1974.

John Deykin

It was written by me, in about 74 and I also ‘star’ in the clip, with Peter Beharrell, who is the other backing singer. The song was performed regularly in cabarets and at the Edinburgh Festival and became part of the campaign to de-segregate the unions. There was a companion piece on the QM, called , ‘Who wants men in the Uni..on, we don’t.’ Who wants de- segregati.. on,we don’t. Who wants to mingle with men over tea, the powder room was free for just you and me, OOOh!!’
Alex will be delighted that his contribution is now on the web, it will probably Knock about £2million off his company!

Greg Philo