The HoP Quiz

The HoP Quiz

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The Heads of Programmes’ quiz – entirely based around television – was held to mark the end of the black & white era and it was directed by John Hardie.

The photograph is believed to have been taken by Stewart McCarroll. Thanks to Richard Dikstra and Gerry Law for passing it on to us.

The two teams were ‘Test’ and ‘Tone’ (‘test’ was a sawtooth, the b&w analog of bars) but the smart-alecs on the other side had made an extra name board saying ‘Winners’ which they duly revealed at the appropriate moment.

The HoPs are, seated from left to right:

  • Richard Dikstra, produced the Eurovision Dirty Song Contest and went on to run cable TV operations worldwide.
  • Melville Martin, him and Gerry were the (uncredited) enabling force behind John’s Chandler-esque gumshoe of 1982.
  • Eric Grace, (the on-the-floor type of drinker) created and voiced Condomestos. For that alone, he outshines us all!

The remainder of the team are:

  • In his suit and Robin Day bow-tie (Melville bought it as a birthday present.), Mungo Bovey QC.
  • In a checked shirt, John Syme (Played Vladimir in the Russian Play).
  • ?
  • William Sharkey, optician in Rutherglen, often known as ‘Wum’.
  • Stewart McCarroll, cameras and technical, partner (to this day) of Anna Patfield, believed to be the photographer.
  • Austin Hepburn. Went to STV.
  • ?
  • John Hardie, soap magnate, Disney boss and now ITN supremo.
  • Steven Moffat. Did Camera 3.
  • Derek Middleton. Also did a lot of Camera 3. Computing teacher in Ayr.
  • Kay Hutchison. Married Richard. Cable TV tycoon.
  • James P. Campbell. Known to the kindly old storeman Lachie as “That red-heeded bampot!”, he suggested – at an inopportune moment – that I stop building the Dalek half-way and someone could get in as Davros. I tetchily suggested that he should do it because he looked more like Davros than anyone else. However, we remained good friends and worked together at the BBC. Famous for lighting the Jools Holland Show.

Thanks to Gerry Law for providing this photograph and accompanying list of names and anecdotes.